Aging In Place

Oct 19, 2021 | Falls

“Aging in Place” is becoming increasingly popular for older Americans.  While there are many fine and even great community options for older adults, many are choosing to stay in their own homes and are putting off moving out.  Some don’t want the added expenses, some don’t want to leave their home and neighborhood that they have lived in for years, and others just don’t want the hassle.  While staying home can seem simpler than moving, safely and comfortably “aging in place” requires forethought and a good support system.  This article by the US Department of Health and Human Services is a good overview of what all to consider when choosing to stay in one’s home.

Maintaining good physical fitness and wellbeing is essential to safely aging in place.  But many older adults – well actually, many Americans – don’t really know what to do to stay in shape nor do they enjoy doing it alone.  A Physical Therapist well trained in the specialty of working with older clients can be a real asset to exercising – and living – safely at home.  Physical Therapists will work not only on strengthening, flexibility, and endurance, but also on balance, safe mobility in the home (like navigating steps), improving accessibility (such as in a bathroom), and overall safety awareness in the home (like assessments for a fall alert system).

I specialize in working with older clients in their residential settings whether it’s their long-time home or an apartment in a senior living area. I love personalizing their treatment plan to fit their hopes and goals. Contact me today to see if I could help you or your loved one.