Want to feel better? Improve your relationships? Create Balance?

Coaching can be the key to unlock your best life.

What is coaching?

Coaching helps you tap into your own wisdom to gain clarity and solve your problems.  With guidance from me, we will explore the thoughts and feelings that are driving your actions, and you’ll decide what’s working for you and what needs to change.  Health and Wellness Coaching is built on these pillars: physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental.  All of these areas should reflect your values and vision for your best life.

What can we talk about? 

Finding your purpose

Handling a new medical diagnosis

Prioritizing your to-do list

Examining your relationships

Elevating your self-esteem and image

Decluttering your environment (and mind!)

Enhancing your sleep, diet or exercise routine

Simplifying life down to what matters to you

 What to Expect

During our first conversation, we will go over where you are now and where you want your life to be. You’ll determine the direction we go during our next sessions. I’ll guide you to set up goals for yourself, and check in your progress. Together we will create a plan which includes how frequently we will meet and what we will focus on. 

During our sessions you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity
  • Improve self-awareness
  • See new perspectives
  • Discover changes you desire to make
  • Explore new expectations of yourself
  • Shift attitudes and behaviors
  • Share confidentially and have an active listener

How do I get started?
What is the Cost?

Click the button below and I’ll get in touch with you soon to set up a Discovery Call. Or click the Coaching Agreement button to review Terms & Conditions and submit your contact info. Depending on your needs, various packages are available with rates starting at $100/ hour.


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